Monday, August 25, 2008

Vienna, Austria

When we were stationed in Texas and my husband was teaching classes at Lackland AFB he had a student in his class from Austria. His name is Sebastian. Sebastian and my husband became good friends. When Sebastian left he always extended the invitation to go visit him in his country. While family was in town we decided what a perfect time to go. Sebastian is in the Armed Forces of Austria. He was our tour guide for 2 days. He set us up in a nice hotel and showed us his home. We loved Austria!! We will go back probably next year for his wedding. The only downside was it was SUPER DUPER hot!!!!!! Did you know Austria has the world's oldest zoo? We did not go but we went to the front gate.

These two pictures are of the palace in Vienna. My 12 year old son Luis is standing in front of the Palace ruins, and the other picture is taken from the Palace looking into old Vienna. Sebastian showed us how easy it was to ride the subway and buses in the city. He took us to every tourist attraction. But for dinner on our first night he took us somewhere special on the outskirts of the city at the border of the mountains for dinner. The wine was fabulous as well as the food. We finished up our second day in Vienna visiting his workplace and had lunch before we took off for Garmisch, Germany.


Tamarra said...

Great Picture! I have the same on but not with your son....LOL If get a chance go to the Stift Melk is great too! Your cards are super cute.