Monday, August 25, 2008


I've mentioned in a previous post that I would share pictures from our recent summer travels. My husbands parents and his Aunt and Uncle came to visit us for 3 weeks so we took a summer vacation. We went to all these places by car. The closest country we live near is France. We are about 20 minutes to the France border. As soon as I get my International Drivers license you better believe I will go to France on my own while the kids are at school on day trips. There is a store called Cora that isn't too far away from the France border it's like a super Wal-Mart. Ok onto my review of Amsterdam. Well in my honest opinion everyone has their places of enjoyment and this was not one of them. Perhaps we just did not know where to go in the downtown area but the area we were in was jam packed with marijuana everywhere. Of course that's one of the things Amsterdam is known for it's legalization of drugs. Maybe I didn't really get to enjoy it because we didn't arrive until 5pm and a lot of the tourist attractions closed early. Well here is a picture of my husband and I at one of the many canals. The kids really enjoyed the canals. There was a huge population of people from every country imaginable!


tasha e said...

Felicia, I just love your clothes where in the world do you shop?