Sunday, December 02, 2007

Roses, Roses, Roses

My husband had a going away lunch this past week with his co workers. At the lunch he presented me with half dozen white Roses. I wanted to post how pretty they were because it's not often I get flowers. It was nice to get such a pretty bouquet. A few days later and they still look great. He gave me a certificate of thanks for supporting him. I was shocked to see I spent 303 days alone without him while he was away at work within a 2 year time frame. I had never really thought about the "total" amount of time he was gone. I do know that it was quite a bit and I'm glad to have him home.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Felicia, you deserve them and more. Like I told your husband, he has a beautiful family. I'm sure he knows it too. We'll you're almost on your way to Germany, I'm surely gonna miss you. I had a great time stampin' with you, you held great and fun classes! I so glad we met, and we will surely keep in touch. Remember, who knows we might drop in for a visit. Keep in touch, and God bless you and your family lady.